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Try a Beach Tour of Barbados

Most of our visitors come to enjoy and beach or sea lifestyle, there’s plenty to do if that’s your proclivity. Barbados has a plethora of white sand beaches offering just about every sea condition you could want. Action sports pervade the south-east and east coasts. From the windsurfing and kitesurfing mecca at Silver Rock, Silver Sands, Long Beach and the surrounding areas you can use your hired car to jump off from any or all of the key points in one day. These beaches are located in the middle of the surfing belt as well, and so if your interests lie in that you can look south, at certain times of the year, to Freights Bay or South Point or jump in your rental car and take a drive along the East Coast to the world-famous Crane Beach, Soup Bowl, or Parlour, Sandbank or a number of other favourites on this rugged Atlantic Coast.

If there’s a north swell running, which is probable in the winter months, you can even continue to the North of the island and even along the normally serene West Coast. If you’re just in it for the tan, then the placid crystal-clear waters of the gold coast are right for you. From Batt’s Rock on the southern end of St. James to Mullins, Port St. Charles, Nikki Beach or Port Ferdinand in the North, there are new beaches waiting for you to discover them on each day’s drive.

The southern coastline is the most vibrant. Hop in your hire car and you can find day clubs in Carlisle Bay or just relax and dive a wreck or take a glass bottom boat to one of the marine park’s wonders. Round Needham’s Point and you’re back on for a good surf over the near-shore reefs. Head further east along the south coast and you’re at the world-famous Accra Beach. A vibrant favourite with both locals and tourists there’s plenty to see and do at this beach and its surroundings. A stone’s throw away from the ever-popular St. Lawrence Gap, a quick drive in your rental will have you enjoying the charm in about five short minutes.

Other favourites along the south coast of Barbados include Dover Beach, Maxwell Beach, Oistins and Miami Beach. What makes this coast so interesting to visit is the proximity of many different vibes all within a short drive of each other. Whatever you choose to do on your tropical getaway, we know it will be better with a rental car. Your hired car is your ticket to being able to maximise your Barbados visit, and turn a nice vacation into an epic adventure!  

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