Bridgetown, Barbados

Business Travel to Barbados

Not all travel to Barbados is for pleasure, and some is unavoidable. Thank goodness that we’re a paradise, so it can always be enjoyable!  Make the most of your business travel to the island by hiring the right car for your trip. For a practical and economical solution, we would suggest something like the Chevrolet Spark or Suzuki Swift, which are great full featured little cars which are the perfect size for navigating small city streets and parking lots. These compacts are great for a single or two-person travel team trying to work their way around the island or just looking for a solution to get them from their hotel to the office and back on their own schedule.

For three to four travellers or maybe you want to get some extra room for yourself, the mid-size sedans on offer like the Chevy Cruze, Toyota Yaris or Suzuki Ciaz are the perfect hired cars for your trip. Any of these sedans will comfortably carry up to five adults in air-conditioned comfort as you go about your business in Barbados. The size is perfect for our roads and highways and they are easy to navigate in tight confines. If you’re looking to make more of an impression, as these are also important for business, there are the Toyota RAV4 and Suzuki Vitara which also will also accommodate up to 5 of you in comfort and style.

For business trips requiring more transport space for a team or goods and products we would recommend your rental car be a Suzuki Ertiga, which can carry up to 7 passengers or a couple of people and their luggage. These attractive minivans are a great size for your on island needs and fit right in on our roads. They won’t be as large as the typical minivan found in North American countries but will fit the bill while you’re here.

The best part of having a hired car while in Barbados on business, is the freedom it allows to do more than just get through your day efficiently. This can translate into taking in a little personal time at the beach or on the links, creating some personal time that you wouldn’t have had without access to your own rental car.  So, if you have to come to Barbados for business we recommend you hire the right car for the job and make the most of your tropical escape to paradise.