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Barbados for 2020?  

Maybe you didn’t make it down for 2019, or maybe you did and you’re going to be back in 2020. Either way, we’ll be waiting for you to take your Barbados trip in the new year.  This new year is going to be exciting for us here in Barbados with the addition of We Gatherin’ Barbados 2020 to our annual event calendar. This call out to Bajans in the diaspora to return to their homeland to celebrate the island and all that it has to offer will only add to the rich tapestry which is our culture.

Special events are planned for every week of the year and having the freedom to get around in your hired car will be integral to your having a good time. Every month will highlight a different parish and their beauty within. Making multiple trips to the island, then you’re in luck as there will be something new to experience every month in the chosen parish. January will feature St. Lucy, our northern most parish and one which almost demands a rental car to get to.

Of course, there is still the normal attraction to our tropical paradise – the beaches, the food, the people, the parties! The cooling Tradewinds are at their full now, and a lovely day on a sailing catamaran could be just what the doctor ordered. Or just laying out on your favourite beach with great company and a good book may be more your speed. January will also welcome back the Barbados National Trust Open House series showcasing great architecture and houses of significance around the island. You can also hop in your rental car and take in some polo or enjoy the One Day International cricket being played at The Mecca – Kensington Oval.

A special shout out to our Irish friends who will be out in large numbers to take in the ODI series, Ireland versus The West Indies. We look forward to seeing you in Barbados in 2020 and we encourage you to make the most of your trip in your hired car as you explore our island.

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